Matthew Woelk, EIT

My name is Matthew Woelk. I am a Computer Engineer from Winnipeg, Canada.

Video Games

I make video games! You can find them all at, but here are some highlights:

Propaganda Llama (now released on steam and itch!) is a one-button game about spreading propaganda to the llama masses. Sign up for the mailing list and to be a playtester here.

Dragon Horde: Revenge of the Wizard King was made in one weekend, and is a 2-player arena combat game about a flightless wizard and a hardened wizard king.

DJ Hamstarz: Aspiring Mix-Lord was made in one weekend, and is a music-sync'd vertical shooter.

I also talk about games and how to make them on twitter. Come say hi. :)

Board Games

I run a YouTube channel and podcast called Games Explained, where we succinctly explain how to play certain board games, and talk about games in general.

Older Things

My masters thesis project (paper) was related to data visualization using web technologies, and its goal was to make Structural Health Monitoring data easy to work with. Here is a simplified demo (alternative link).

My undergraduate final year design project was building an Artificial Intelligence strategy for a simulated soccer team. Feel free to read the large, detailed report.

I've also written a morphogenesis simulator (alternative link) (paper) for a course in Agent Based Modelling.

I ran a workshop on using git which was recorded as a screencast. It includes a helpful list of commands for using git, with detailed explanations. This was done as part of my duties as the UMSATS satellite team's Team Lead Internal.